A humorous comic strip about how professionals pick up women!

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"We all have heard of professionals in picking up women.​​​
But what happens with the rest of the professionals?​
How do they do it?​
How would a lawyer, an economist ​
​or a web programmer approach his "target"?​
The answer lies within this comic!
Have fun..."

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Paperback ($12.99) and E-book* ($4.99)
80 pages, full color, 60 characters + bonus, ISBN-13: 978-1481162074​
Paperback Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (an Amazon company)

Designed in Inkscape and Published with Amazon Comic Creator

The book is a humorous collection of 60 different male professionals trying to approach and seduce a woman in a 1-page 4-panel comic strip. Each strip shows only one character, "the Pickup Pro", speaking directly to the reader, as if the reader were the woman being seduced! The actual woman is not shown and her reactions are in most cases left to the reader's imagination.

Sample page:

The idea behind the comic:

The comic shows in a humorous way how men of different professions try to approach women and how their job can affect their flirting skills. The title ("the Pickup Pros") comes from the term "Pickup Professionals" (also known as "Pickup Artists"), which refers to men who are considered professionals in approaching and seducing women. Only this time, the "Pickup Professionals" are not professionals in picking up, but just professionals picking up!

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